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I'm the Queen now [31 Aug 2008|04:15am]
My new Journal
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It is so much fun to make losers suck cock! haha. [29 Mar 2006|06:30am]
Muahaha, the taste of being totally evil. My pathetic panty sniffing slave gave me the last $$ out of his wedding fund. I have all of the money that he was planning on using to marry his girlfriend and guess what? If he wins a yearly bonus (there is a draw for it) this upcoming week… I get it ALL. He begged to keep some of it, but that is not the kind of girl I am. He wanted to drive 5 hours just to come to a movie with my friends and I. Haha.

I am going to pick up My day bed today. I found a few losers to get their truck and carry it up to My apartment. It is soooo cute!!! All I need now is to find some cute bedding for it. It is going to look totally perfect in front of the bay windows in my living room.

Oh! And I have got quite a few comments about my cock sucking sissy. Hehehe… for those of you who couldn’t see well enough in the other censored pic. Here is another one of him getting ready to suck up all his cum! LOL.

I want a Visa Processor, it is going to cost around a grand. Who is paying?
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[28 Mar 2006|03:07am]
Hey losers,

It has been a while since I have updated and I have so much to brag about. Haha, to start I am going to talk about a little piggy wiggy I raped on keen. I think the email he sent me the next day says it all… check this one out.

“First, I want to congratulate you on fucking me over so well last night. The total was $2055.48. I have never been dominated or manipulated so throughly and quickly.
Congratulations on getting my cash.

I also want to thank you for the experience. I will never forget it. I know what it feels like to be raped now. I had budgeted a maximum of $150 for Keen, and so right now I am hurting. I hurt financially, and emotionally I feel numb inside. I am hurt. I also think you are so great. I have a big crush on you even though I know I am just a pay pig to you. It breaks my heart.

Will you please tell me what you enjoy the most, getting my money for yourself, or hurting me by making me lose my money? It would be fun for me to know.

LOL. I love seeing their self esteem totally ruined forever it is just SO much fun.

On another note, you know My pathetic pantyloser… I made him take money from his girlfriend just to pay me. He is pathetic that he did it too! I have got $592 out of him already this month. I wonder how much more I can take from my little pantysniffer? HAHAHA.

Fishie was a good little slut and made a really fun trade with me. Haha, I am sent him the garbage in my waste basket and he got me a Coach bag and a New pair of sexy BCBG Maxazria heels.


Shishii got me this awesome keyboard. Yay, it will be perfect for my final fantasy obsession. Lol.

Diaper Slut has been doing a bit better, he tributed for me to go to the bar a few times this month… and guess what loser? You will be paying for me to go to the bar again soon. Oh wait, you just did! Lol.. and not only that some girl told him that she likes him so I felt it my duty to get her instant messenger name to tell her, that nathan is a total diaper wearing freak… and *yes* it was really her.

Fluffer bunny just couldn’t help himself and came crawling to me to tribute by shopping on my wishlist. She pre-ordered kingdom hearts 2, got me a new sheet set and a blue meanies CD. Now one of you losers has to preorder FFXI for 360 for Me.. lol!!!

Oh, and guess who is going to be a total slut for Me? HAHA that’s right littleslavey. Check out his craigs list ad here. That is right!! I am pimping him out and he is going to give all the proceeds to Moi! And looks like Christena’s (ex-roomie) old slave is being MY bitch now. Hahaha…. I got him to suck cock on cam for Me today. Check this out!!

Don’t want this posted? Uh huh too bad loser! LOL hahaha HAHAHAHA forced bi-sexuality… :P

In other news Shishii is being punished for disobeying Me. That is right bitch! One week of sitting in your own pee-pee.

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My 21st birthday is tommoro! [02 Mar 2006|03:11am]
Hey you stupid little FAGS *giggles*

Gueeeeeeeeeessssssss what? Its Princess Jennifers Birthday tommorrow and I am going out and getting drunk and clubbing and you LOSERS are going to pay for it. I am just so excited about turning 21...especially because I have drones of little twirps dieing to please me, and the whole big world to take over *giggles* ahead of me.

So...as to what Ive be up to lately. Destroying wallets and turning losers into putty in MY hand... Oh and playing some FF. Haha. Seriously though...there is nothing funnier than coming home from a night of parting with REAL men and all my hot friends to DESPERATE emails from sissies and wimps just wondering and pleading to know where I am and what I'm doing and how they will go to actually PLEASE me. Losers. *giggles*

So...back to MY special day...

Who is going to pay for MY night out? Hmmmm? Whos going to be the little loser that pays for me to party my ass off while they sit at home all lonely at their computer...? Hahahaha. I actually have a line up fags to pay for me to fuck them over on My birthday and that struck me as too damn funny.

Now go and give me birthday tributes and prezzies bitches! I expect a perfect day...and you know what that means. I GET EVERYTHING and you sit at home and cry and try ever so hard to please me.


Snap to it wimps. Tata

$100 Party Cash for The Princess

$100 Gift for The Princess !
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Dorky McRetard [11 Sep 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | devious ]

hahahahahaha, does anyone else find this as HILARIOUS as I do?

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cross posted - Raping Faggy McRetard [06 Sep 2005|12:05am]
[ mood | amused ]

So, I have decided that I am going to post the picture of this complete idiot. He is such a fucking fool that I am going to rape him again right now. What I do girls, and listen to this… this is exactly how to take advantage of a retarded wanking pig to completely steal his wallet.

Dorky Mcretard in all his uh glory?

I humiliate him, because well he’s a disgusting pig and what the fuck else would you do with a retard like this? Then My girlfriends and I teaaaaase the hell out of him. He knows that he could never ever ever have a sexy tease Princess like Me. So I send him pictures and videos that turn him into a fucking wanking MORON and when that dick is hard hes SO fucking easy to use abuse and RAPE fucking DRY… hahahaha… I tease him more and more and more… and the more TEASED this idiot is the more he spends… hahaha… and get this! He is such a fucking douche that he BEGS for it… I make him BEG to send the money. That’s right, he GROVELS and BEGS… to give Me his MONEY… hahahahaha…. After I rape him some more I will post more on this retard.
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[02 Sep 2005|09:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hahhaa, omg lol... It goes well with his diapers.

I have this new thing where I have been making My losers get soothers... I don't know why, but I find it HILARIOUS. worthlessfatslave had to get one too and 3 pairs of slutty panties and some pads that I made him FILL with katchup... that he got ALL over the carpet, and his bed *giggles* I laughed so hard... chances are his dad wouldn't if he knew how the katchup got on the carpet
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Fairy Macarena [25 Aug 2005|06:45am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello morons!

Did I tell you losers that I am a home wreaker now? That’s right. This pathetic little tool, was such an idiot that he left my number on outgoing numbers on his cell and his wife fucking called Me. I told her what a huge pervert he is, and how he has been drooling over my feet for months and how he thinks about getting to kiss them the few times that he has had sex this year. I told her that he’s a sick pervert that will never change and of course it’s all true. I can't stand you morons wasting the time of beautiful women. Sitting there jerking off to Me while you are with her. You know what idiot? She deserves SO much better. She deserves to be out there fucking a real man while you are begging to have my garbage shoved down your throat. Your only purpose is life is to lick the dirt off my feet and lay your money down underneath my divine toes. Get it wanker?

So today has been like fun,... you go to work and I get to sleep all day and party all night! Fun right? I know. Anyways... Shishii called me pretty much as soon as I woke up and I made her shove a beer bottle up her little sissy pussy and I made her put on her ridiculous fairy outfit and dance on cam for me. I bet you losers are dying to see it right? Well it is your lucky day!

So what do you think? LOLOLOLOL!~!!!!

Fairy Macarena

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[24 Aug 2005|08:26pm]
Helllo to my pathetic little monkeys, morons, pigs, idiots, fags, sissies, fucktards, well you get the point. This is Princess Jennifer's (Oh my yes the Princess Herself's) journal where she humiliates, degrades, and shows off all her pathetic moronic freak show type losers! Yay! I know you are thinking SO much fun, so lets start off this party with a collection of my favorite pictures of idiots doing what they do best... exactly what I tell them to. Humiliation for punishment? LOL no! All for my amusement baby! I will post more pictures eveeery week, that is if I get lots of comments from you losers... :D

What a useless moron! LOL

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